I'm a freelance writer and blogger.

I'm a freelance writer, copywriter, and blogger. I have an MA in Social Anthropology. I write about travel, social justice, digital marketing, and more.

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Praise jesus article

Traveling while black is a radical act

“Occupying spaces in which I am not welcome is resistance.”

Ph194 local martinique 770x513 article
Porthole Magazine

Like A Local: Martinique… French Twist | Porthole Cruise Magazine

In Martinique, close the guidebooks and let a local lead the way.

Trippingdrive article
The Globe And Mail

Tripping in Guadeloupe: Drive a stick? Now I’m in trouble - The Globe and Mail

“Bon courage,” one said, snickering – the tire looked like it had been shredded in an industrial food processor.

50752105 article
Bombay Times - The Of India

The challenges of traveling on an Indian passport - Times of India

Book a ticket and just leave is one of the inspirational travel quotes that doesn't always apply to wanderlust-filled carriers of an Indian passport. This is a reported piece featuring interviews with people who make travelling on an Indian passport work.

Mti1mjm2mty5mtyzmtgzmzc4 article

UNPOPULAR OPINION: Teaching English Abroad Is Neocolonialism

You didn’t earn this privilege; you simply won the linguistic lottery.

Reunion island 630x419 article

How to Visit France... Without Going to Europe

There is this sumptuous and luxurious idea that France is all about dipping croissants in a café au lait and walking along the Seine holding a baguette.


William P. Hobby Airport

Getting around the airport - Flio Airport App

Screen shot 2014 12 08 at 6 33 46 pm article
Thought Catalog

10 Things London Tourists Need To Chill Out About | Thought Catalog

3. Finding the perfectly traditional English pub.
If there is one it’s probably not London


Heathrow Airport (T2) - FLIO

Getting around the airport

14594546844 37d5aefe71 k article

5 Things Anthropologists Can Teach You About Being a Better Marketer

4. Anthropologists know their worth.

12 markets christmas final article

Infographic: The 12 Markets of Christmas:

The 12 Markets of Christmas infographic for momondo


How to Write a Content Brief that Doesn't Suck - Or That Gets Results - Tug | Digital Media Agency

How to Write a Content Brief that Doesn't Suck - Or...

Psychology thumb article
One Extra Pixel

Using Psychology to Become a Better Web Designer

The Psychology of Fonts


Why Search Agencies Need an In-House Content Creator - Tug | Digital Media Agency

Why Search Agencies Need an In-House Content Creato...


Insight Into your Website's Usability - Tug | Digital Media Agency

Insight Into your Website's Usability - Tug | Digit...