I'm a freelance writer and blogger.

I'm a freelance writer, copywriter, and blogger. I have an MA in Social Anthropology. I write about travel, tech, social justice, digital marketing, and more.

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Dominica article

20 destinations that deserve more tourists

Some travel destinations get all the glory! It seems that every tourist and their mother wants to visit London, Paris, and New York – but what about some of the more obscure place? Visiting lesser-known destinations offers the opportunity to travel without expectations or preconceived ideas and to connect with locals.

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International Living

Enjoy the Caribbean With a French Twist

Francophiles who love culture but not the cold will find a home in Martinique. The surf, the Tour des Yoles festival, and miles of ocean—home to dolphins and whales—make it the perfect place for nature lovers.

Trippingdrive article
The Globe And Mail

Tripping in Guadeloupe: Drive a stick? Now I’m in trouble - The Globe and Mail

“Bon courage,” one said, snickering – the tire looked like it had been shredded in an industrial food processor.

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Traveling while black is a radical act

“Occupying spaces in which I am not welcome is resistance.”

Ph194 local martinique 770x513 article
Porthole Magazine

Like A Local: Martinique… French Twist | Porthole Cruise Magazine

In Martinique, close the guidebooks and let a local lead the way.

Sea turtle matador seo article

6 reasons you should be more concerned about ocean conservation

6 reasons you should be more concerned about ocean ...

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Bombay Times - The Of India

The challenges of traveling on an Indian passport - Times of India

Book a ticket and just leave is one of the inspirational travel quotes that doesn't always apply to wanderlust-filled carriers of an Indian passport. This is a reported piece featuring interviews with people who make travelling on an Indian passport work.


Management, Project Management and Tools - Assistant Edge

Management, Project Management and Tools - Assistan...

Mti1mjm2mty5mtyzmtgzmzc4 article

UNPOPULAR OPINION: Teaching English Abroad Is Neocolonialism

You didn’t earn this privilege; you simply won the linguistic lottery.


Should you buy or lease your business van?

Should you buy or lease your business van?

Paper pile  april 2011 article

Will Paper Ever Become Obsolete?

The paperless society is a seductive idea. Proponents maintain that less paper means more money, productivity space, security and that it will help the environment. They argued that the better the technology, the less reliant on paper we will become.

Reunion island 630x419 article

How to Visit France... Without Going to Europe

There is this sumptuous and luxurious idea that France is all about dipping croissants in a café au lait and walking along the Seine holding a baguette.


What to Eat for Breakfast to Start the Day Right

Rise and dine! Breakfast doesn’t have to be all pancakes and bacon. Choosing the right food will improve your concentration, make you more willing to exercise, and help you control your weight. To get these benefits, you need to choose healthy foods and set the tone for the day.


10 Reasons Why You Should Collect Patient Outcomes and 5 Ways to Make Sure It’s Effective

The paradigm in healthcare delivery is changing. The focus is shifting in response to the converging forces of payment reform and consumer expectations toward more efficient, higher quality value-based care. By automating the collection of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs), you enable patients’ active participation and meet their expectations for greater convenience, leading to higher patient satisfaction.


William P. Hobby Airport

Getting around the airport - Flio Airport App